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We’ve answered some of the most common questions we hear from folks planning a bar for their next event.


How many bar packages do you offer?

ICEBOX offers a variety of bar packages that have been hand designed to best fit the needs of varying groups and budgets. Bar packages range from beer and wine, full spirits, and custom options and should be considered a jumping off point as we work together to create the bar that is right for your event. 

What does the bar package price include?

The bar package price includes three hours of unlimited service to guests, of your selected package. It also includes a selection of mixers, juices and non-alcoholic beverages, ice, coolers and all the gear necessary to make your event possible. 

What types of barware and glasses are included?

ICEBOX provides clear plasticware for all of our events, both a 9oz tumbler and a larger, 12oz cup. But we understand that sometimes, plasticware doesn’t quite do the trick. With that in mind we also offer a variety of glassware rentals that range in quality and style. Together, we can select the glassware that works best with your event’s vision and feel. 

How many bartenders do I need?

The number of bartenders needed ranges, based on event size, style and complexity. Your salesperson will be able to best determine the number of staff people needed to properly execute your event once you have a bar design underway. 

What is the attire for your bartenders?

During your event, ICEBOX bartender’s uniform includes a pressed black, long-sleeved button down shirt, a black tie, black slacks, and black shoes. It is our job to blend into the shadows, so your guests can stand out! 

*COVID- until further notice our staff will also be wearing a black mask and black gloves during service. 

How early will staff arrive at the event?

Arrival times can range depending on the size, style and complexity of the event. Typically ICEBOX bartenders will arrive 1.5-2.5 hours prior to guest arrival. The exact time will be discussed and confirmed with your salesperson prior to your event. 

Are there any hidden fees?

ICEBOX does not charge a service fee or have any hidden fees to worry about. Each estimate includes the bar package as selected, requested rentals, required staff and taxes. These items will be reflected as a line item on your estimate for easy review.

Can we have a cash bar?

Cash bars are handled on a case by case basis and are reserved for public, large scale events. Please contract the sales team for more information.  

What happens if the event runs longer than expected?

Sometimes events run long, we know. Event end times can be extended by the host of the event after proper notification and communication with the bartenders. Additional time will be charged at the per hour per person rate. It is applied to the guaranteed headcount provided and will not be limited to the number of guests still in attendance. Staff will also be charged for additional labor. 

It’s important to note, that when adding time to events that it is possible for some product to run out. Although unlikely, it is a factor to be aware of as product is provided for the original time frame, with some back up.

Events requiring special one day permits cannot extend end times. 

Is Icebox insured?

Yes. Icebox is fully insured and carries both Liquor Liability and General Liability insurance.

Does Icebox travel outside of Greenville / Charleston?

ICEBOX is available to service all of South Carolina along with many additional areas of the country. Depending on your location we will choose the best team to execute your event. At times, travel expenses may be incurred. 

Am I responsible for tipping at the end of an event?

Tipping is left to the discretion of each client. ICEBOX bartenders are well taken care of, but there is no service charge or “tip” added to the final invoice for their services.  While a tip is never expected it is always appreciated. 

What is your booking agreement and cancelation policy?

Once you feel comfortable with your bar we recommend securing your date. A signed copy of the estimate, a completed service agreement, and a 50% deposit will hold your spot. Clients are welcome to continue to edit their bar up until 7 days before their event date. At that time, a final headcount and selection are required. 

This is a much belated THANK YOU for all that you guys did for Party for the Parks! Once again, you guys rocked it and helped to make it the best event of the year! You two and your team are an absolute delight to work with and make my job so much easier. I cannot begin to thank you enough.

-Austin Nelson, Special Events Manager Charleston Parks Conservancy

Thanks so much for all your efforts to make our Pig Roast on Saturday such a resounding success. The bar service, drink selection and bartenders were all excellent. We received so many positive comments from the guests and that was due in large part to your good work.

-Jon W. Olson, Senior Vice President & General Counsel Blackbaud

Just wanted to check in and thank you for all of your support across our events last week….you came through for us and were flexible enough to make additions on the fly as things came up…we appreciate you making it happen for us.

– Producer, BFG

Thank you for providing such great service at such a quick notice. We thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to another opportunity down the road!

-Lisa Kynoski, Administrative Supervisor/Residency Program Coordinator

Thanks for all your help during TOTC. We really appreciate the outstanding service support you guys provided throughout the week!

-Thomas Driver, Account Supervisor BFG

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