With clients such as Aramark, Clemson University, Diageo, and William Grant & Sons, ICEBOX has established itself as a premier full service event beverage logistics and concessionaire company.

ICEBOX’s expertise lies in:

Handling all aspects of beverage concessions and operations from cash control and inventory to bar placement and staffing.

Working with festival production teams to develop complete beverage programs that maximize probability and control costs.

Staffing events with a top-notch management team that specializes in operations, logistics, and human resources.

ICEBOX is supported by a network of 250 employees and 50,000 square feet of warehouse space.

We have the team and equipment necessary to handle an event of any scale.

We work with brands to implement and activate sponsorships at every event.

We can handle everything from intimate, private VIP sections to complete large scale festivals for 25,000+ guests.

The Icebox Advantage


Our focus is to provide the best experience for every guest. From music festivals and sporting events to cultural festivals, and wine & food festivals, ICEBOX is able to successfully execute single and multiple day events of 100,000 plus attendees.


Our ability to be highly mobile allows us to offer top notch service in any part of the country no matter the scale of the event. With a quality driven approach, ICEBOX focuses on blending the best quality and service together with a unique cost driven approach that maximizes revenue and overall profitability.


Through an embrace of technology, ICEBOX is able to manage inventories and human resources in real time with a combination of cloud based systems, ensuring the most accurate and competitive inventory and labor cost control. We can deliver a completely cashless event using RFID technology and incorporate our technology to provide access control and social media integration.


With over 2,000 successful events every year, each of which encompasses varied aspects beverage production, logistics and point of sale, ICEBOX is driven by their involvement with national brands and suppliers. ICEBOX has developed strong relationships with vendors, brands, and beverage professionals through the entire United States. These relationships provide access to the best equipment, staff and most competitive product pricing.

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Icebox Overview

Full liquor liability and general liability insurance tailored for large scale events.

Experience in sponsor relations and collaborating with like-minded brands.

Full inventory of beverage service equipment.

Integration of branding in all aspects of festival beverage service.

Extensive network of beverage professionals that aids in staffing of local bartenders and point of sale employees.

Implementation of RFID Technology for Cashless Payment, Access Control and Social Media Integration.

Capitalizes on experience with luxury lifestyle and intimate events to increase profitability while creating an unparalleled guest experience.

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