Icebox Bar Greenville: Who We Are


Icebox Beverage Lab

The ICEBOX Beverage Lab provides a blank canvas for custom cocktail creation. Our master mixologists have access to a specially curated collection of liquor, fresh ingredients, and accoutrements that rival some of the country’s most renowned bars.

Here, our clients enjoy complimentary beverage consultation and cocktail tasting. Our team helps to identify each client’s theme, unique preferences and favorite spirits, flavors, and colors. Together, we lay the groundwork for creating your event’s signature drink and fulfilling your vision.



The ICEBOX Beverage Lab is home to the Charleston Chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild (USBG). Charleston bartenders gather here for monthly meetings and hands-on seminars with well-respected mixologists and brand ambassadors. USBG members experiment with new cocktail trends and techniques, refine their skills, and prepare for national competitions.

USBG is a national network of bartenders who gather to celebrate their common interest: the craft of mixology. The organization aims to advance product education, host hand-crafted cocktail competitions, and provide networking opportunities with likeminded beverage professionals around the world. For more information visit


Beyond being the cornerstone of our bar business, the Beverage Lab also serves as home to our unique interactive learning venue. We offer private and public classes and seminars for both groups and individuals.

Whether you want to take a journey through classic cocktails or a dance through Napa Valley we can tailor a package just for you. Every seminar puts you in the driver seat offering a one of a kind hands on experience. Some of our most popular programs are:

  • Basics of Classic Cocktails
  • Marvels of Modern Mixology
  • Bourbon Beginnings
  • Basics of Bitters
  • Scotch, Please
  • Wine Tastings – Together with our local catering partners we offer a one of a kind wine experience. Whether you have a favorite region of the world or are new to wine, we can customize your group to offer some of the best wines perfectly paired with the tastiest food Charleston has to offer. Our staff sommeliers will provide an in depth look at every aspect of your wines allowing you to feel as though you are walking through the winery.